Our solutions are fairly simple to understand…we have 4 ways we can help you interpret and translate your communications. We can deliver:

  • Automatic voice interpretation
  • Multi-language web conferencing
  • Multi-language live events
  • Cross-language communication
  • Virtual interpreter
  • Forms translation (Static and Dynamic)
  • Text reader
  • Male and female voices
  • Custom voices
  • Captions and subtitles
  • Dictation and transcription
  • Session capture
  • Multi-layer translation service
  • Translate to/from 93 languages
  • Multi-language document management system

Our interpretation delivery system is either automated, live human, or a combination of bothfrom anywhere in the world, to wherever you need it to appear. We have multiple options for your workflow:

  • Cloud-based encoding platform
  • API integration
  • APP encoding (Windows, Linux)
  • Web-based encoding

We have multiple options for your workflow:

Cloud based enconding platform
api integration
app encoding (windows, linux)
web based encoding


Adding multi-language digital, analog and rich media capabilities to every interaction that happens at your meetings, board rooms, classrooms, videos, original/owned programming, contact and customer service centers, technical centers, patient and operating rooms–and pretty much everything in between.

Access to approximately 10,000 highly trained, highly skilled linguists in our partner network including: elite simultaneous interpreters, OPI interpreters, VRI interpreters, and translators.

Ability to support webinars, conferences, training seminars and other live events (including trade show product demos and in-booth conversations) with multi-language automatic and human interpretation in all communication channels.

  • Corporate
  • Events/Meetings
  • Education
  • Emergency & First Responders
  • Financial & Legal
  • Gov’t & Law Enforcement
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Medical & Healthcare
  • Telecomm & Mobile