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Everyone does or wants to do business globally. Companies are increasingly realizing the importance of face-to-face events, conferences and trade shows as well as virtual collaboration tools to increase productivity, performance, morale and ultimately, the bottom line.

Our interpretation event solutions are value-added offerings that you, in turn, can offer to your employees, attendees, exhibitors, sponsors and partners. Or, with a little help from us, we can even make you money in the process.

To support webinars, conferences, training seminars and other live events (including trade show product demos and in-booth conversations) with multi-language automatic and human interpretation in all communication channels.
To approximately 10,000 highly trained, highly skilled linguists in our partner network including: elite simultaneous interpreters, OPI interpreters, VRI interpreters, and translators.
Multi-language digital, analog and rich media capabilities to every interaction that happens at your meetings.
WWTC has speech translation software that provides automatic voice translation through a webpage. You just go to the webpage and talk. There is nothing to download or install.
Who would not want to attend an event with the comfort of knowing that every speaker, every demo, every panel discussion, every conversation can be captured and provided to them in their native/preferred language, through human simultaneous interpretation in Dolby Sound, or customizable automatic interpretation that does not just “translate” statically, but truly “interprets” every touchpoint and conversational context through customizable dictionaries and artificial intelligence for unparalleled quality in automation.

See if this sounds like you:

  • Your employees, partners and customers speak more foreign languages than they did 5 years ago?
  • You are growing/want to grow your organization’s and event footprint?
  • Your live and virtual events bring people from different nationalities/languages together?
  • Your employees, presenters, exhibitors, and attendees face language barriers when communicating with one another?
  • Your employee and event satisfaction metrics would be better if all of your stakeholders could communicate in their native/preferred language(s)?
If you answered True to 2 or more questions, it’s time to take a close look at how you communicate within your company and at your events

Languages and dialects included

Enable your meetings and events to form unparalleled connections, relationships, brand preference, and loyalty among your stakeholders. We can help you with all of it. We enable organizations to overcome language and communications barriers and make every event not just memorable, but effective.

Registration(virtual or live)

Make the registration process a welcoming and seamless experience for international attendees. Use this module before, during, and after event. This can also be supported via a click to chat or speech on your website, email signature, PDF documents of social media. We can customize your event touchpoints in your chosen language(s) and dialects


Translations can be both spoken, as well as texted as the conversations and interactions take place, in your attendees preferred language(s) . The app auto-detects the language spoken, so conversation flows naturally whitout touching buttons


Enable your exhibitors to povide preferred languages/dialects of their choice to support their sales teams, product demos and customer interactions and questions
This allows you to offer translation/interpretation service as a value-add to your exibitors, which they will likely want to purchase from you.


Don’t worry about your audience not understanding the content, context or nuances of your presenters. We translate your presentations (including rich media) to share with your attenndees, in their preferred language(s). Captions are by TV captioners, automatically translated at the highest accuracy possible witch automation