Regulated industries often struggle with communicating with their customers and stakeholders in a way that maintains compliance–as well as comprehension.  We create automated and live interpreted and translated documents, contracts, disclosures, and other communications needed for the legal and financial industries to conduct business with clients and stakeholders who speak, read, and/or write different languages and/or dialects.
It’s this easy
  • Nothing to download, nothing to install
  • Integrates our API to your existing CRM, CMS, ERP, and other financial, legal and/or enterprise solutions
  • None of your clients’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is ever retained or shared externally
  • We do not store your data, as it stays within your browser on your chosen device thereby ensuring confidentiality Plus.
  • Instant translation of documents*
  • In language transcriptions & notes
  • Click to summon a human interpreter, if needed
  • Can follow clients from point-to-point with information continuity
Forms are translated & documents instantly read aloud in any selected language
We understand legal and financial contexts:
Our solutions are pre-populated with industry terminology that deliver close to 100% interpretation accuracy.
None of your clients’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is ever captured:
The PII and PHI stays on the device being used, as we are not a content engine.
Notes transcription anytime anywhere:
Through our API, the Virtual Interpreter software is compatible with your existing enterprise solutions. When combined with the ability to learn your voice and accent, this solution empowers you to make notes at your desk or on the run at client meetings, etc. Customized applications securely transfer your notes to the desired destination (your email, company database, etc). The Virtual Interpreter includes vital features for compliance, especially in the handling of PII, and other confidential information.
You can speak into the device and give and receive clear communications in the language(s) of choice, with all relevant and in-language documents and forms added to the clients’ file/database.
You can customize the user interface:
If you chose, you can even customize an avatar to look like you, or select from approximately 100 options covering various ethnic origins. This avatar will appear on the device to communicate with your clients on your behalf which increases participation and accuracy.