Our automated medical interpretation solutions promote patient engagement in a meaningful manner that is vital to improving health care, quality, safety, and patient outcomes.
Wherever you are, whatever your patients’ language preferences, your staff can communicate immediately… with or without an interpreter.
Our language detection technology allows you to assess the required language in real-time, without human intervention. This service can follow your patient from the ER, throughout their hospital stay, to discharge and follow up, seamlessly.

It’s this easy 

  • Nothing to download, nothing to install
  • integrates our API to your existing EMR, CRM, CMS, ERP, and other healthcare and enterprise solutions
  • None of your patients’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is ever retained or shared externally
  • Nothing to download, nothing to install
  • We do not store your data, as it stays within your browser on your chosen device thereby protecting Patient Health Information (PHI)

We help meet the physician/patient for meaningful use requirements, while also increasing your HCAP scores, across 90+ languages , dialects and accents.

See if this sounds like you

  • Your employees, doctors, interns and residents, patients and their families face language barriers when communicating with one another without a pragmatic or easy Solution?
  • You are feeling the pressure to become compliant with recent regulation, despite these language barriers?
  • You know your HCAP scores would be higher if language barriers could be eliminated?
  • Your patient satisfaction metrics would be better if your stakeholders could communicate in their native/preferred language(s)?

If you answered True to 2 or more questions, it’s time to take a closer look at how you communicate within your healthcare system. Most medical organizations are just not prepared to support the number of languages in all of these contexts. That’s where we come in…

Imagine being able to speak with and

  • ER & triage
  • Registration
  • Appointments
  • Treatments, procedures, operations
  • Insurance forms & documents
  • Patient education
  • Patient status & notes
  • Distance conversations & follow ups
  • Billing
  • The Deaf, visually-impaired and physically disabled
  • Discharge & follow up care instruction
  • Instant translation of documents*
  • In language transcriptions & notes
  • Click to summon a human interpreter, if needed
  • Can follow patients from room-to-room with information continuity

Forms  are translated & documents instantly read aloud in any selected language.

We also support dialects and accents for accuracy (our system has 22 Spanish dialects, English alone has 12).  Get automatic translation at accuracy and context levels never before possible using our groundbreaking Neural Machine Translation.

Our solutions are pre-populated with industry/medical terminology that deliver 100% interpretation accuracy. One of the reasons why medical professionals have

been afraid to use automation is the possibility of mistranslations.

No doctor wants to tell a patient that they have “roofing materials” when the patient actually has “the shingles”. Most especially when providing dosage instructions, for example: “Take 2 tablets, 3 times per day”, no doctor wants the patient to hear, “Take 2 mobile devices, 3 times per day” nor “Take 22 tablets, 3 times per day”.

The PII and PHI stays on the device being used, as we are not a content engine.

Through our API, the Virtual Interpreter software is compatible with Dragon Medical, among others, and also has built-in medical transcription features by nVoq, Inc. When combined with the ability to learn your voice and accent, this solution empowers you to make notes at your desk or on the run between patients.

Customized applications securely transfer your notes to the desired destination (your email, hospital database, reviewer). The Virtual Interpreter includes vital features for HIPAA compliance, especially in the handling of PII, PHI, and other confidential information.

Able to accurately follow the patient from registration through discharge process from the time the patient is admitted and given an armband with a UPC code on it, each healthcare practitioner—including doctors—can speak into the

device and give and receive clear communications in the language(s) of choice, with all relevant and in-language documents and forms added to the patient’s EMR.

If you chose, you can even customize an avatar to look like you, or select from approximately 100 options covering various ethnic origins. This avatar will appear on the device to communicate with your patients on your behalf.

We offer dozens of cartoon characters, clowns, rabbits, emojis, and Santa options. This capability is helpful in the pediatric space, because it makes a game out of extracting required medical information from—and providing education to—a child, while increasing participation and accuracy.