Mission critical communications are just that, mission critical.  Our exceptionally accurate interpretation and translation solutions deliver automated and/or live solutions in real-time, when time is of the essence.
Wherever you are, whatever your patients’ language preferences, you and your staff can communicate immediately… with or without an interpreter.


Nothing to download, nothing to install
Integrates our API to your existing EMR, CRM, CMS, ERP, and other healthcare and enterprise solutions
We do not store your data, as it stays within your browser on your chosen device thereby protecting Patient Health Information (PHI)
None of the person’s’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is ever retained or shared externally

Our language detection technology allows you to assess the required language in real-time, without human intervention. This service can follow your patient from the scene, to the ER, throughout their hospital stay, to discharge and follow up, seamlessly.

Determining what language a person speaks is usually the most lengthy and time-intensive process, that we practically eliminate.  Within seconds, the language the person is most comfortable communicating in is determined and used in written or spoken communications, in 90+ languages, including dialects. (As an example, we have 22 dialects of Spanish). As with our Medical and Healthcare Solutions  we can provide an end-to-end communication solution that overcomes written and spoken communications barriers in everything from assessment and triage, to establishing identity and health restrictions, to filling out forms and maintaining patient confidentiality and compliance–we get it done for you.