We provide government & law enforcement providers with interpretation and translation services that enable them to communicate with their constituents, in their language(s) of choice.  We can support speech-to-speech, speech-to-text, text-to-speech and text-to-text in use-case scenarios such as:

Translation of government forms with variable font sizes for the visually-impaired and talking text for the Blind
Instant ADA compliance for all governmental offices
Instant ADA compliance for all public schools, plus COPPA and FERPA compliance
Compliance with TITLE VI for public schools, plus increased learning speed and language assimilation for students
Call Centers: across-language translated calls with speech-to-speech in 42 languages
Contact Centers: across-language web communication (speech, text, video, screen share) up to 93 languages
Instant captions and translated subtitles for government meetings
Streaming captions and subtitles for online viewing of town councils, boards of education, PTA meetings, and more.
Translation of community outreach efforts
Across-language crowd management during hurricanes, tornados, floods, and disasters
Multi-language communication between governmental employees and overseas contacts
Global meeting planning and conversations with vendors worldwide
Real-time translation of political speeches, daily updates, addresses to the Nation